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What are Tensile Fabric Structures?

Tensile fabric structures are commonly used in fabric architecture, built with the cable-support extended fabric membranes in a steel or aluminium frame. It also has applications in both commercials as well as residential spaces like vehicle parking, outdoors event spaces to offer weatherproofing, appealing design and functional versatility. Benefits of tensile fabrics are lightweight, long-lasting and customizable structures. These membranes construct an enduring structure that can stand several conditions of weather. Tensile fabric structures are used to build shade structures, stadium roofs, shade structures and covered walkways in the architectural construction.

Advantages of Tensile Fabric Structure

  • Adaptable and versatile aesthetic options
  • Excellent Durability and Cost Effective Solutions
  • Protect from extreme weather conditions
  • Different styles, shapes and colors that can be suitable for your property
  • Broad and comprehensive enclosure through the structures.

Why choose our Smart Tensile Fabric Structure?

  • Smart Roofs and Fabs offer a modern, lightweight nature and flexible architectural design aesthetic. We provide custom design, manufacture superior-grade materials, and install tensile fabric structures for your exciting projects.

  • Our tensile fabrication units provide shorter construction timelines compared to traditional construction methods. We provide temporary or permanent positions, making them versatile for a wide range of different sectors.

  • Our High-quality tensioned fabric structures are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and UV exposure.

  • Our Manufacturing team provides customized branding materials, graphics, and different colors of products for your suitable locations. We offer a wide range of Tensile structures, making them suitable for commercial spaces and events.

  • Smart Roofs and Fabs provide the high-quality fabrics used in these structures, which are often treated to be weather-resistant, requiring minimum maintenance.

  • We are specialized suppliers of Tensile Fabric structures, and to ensure safety and durability, we use innovative architectural design when considering a fabric tensile structure for your project.


  • Airport Canopies
  • Open Air Projects
  • Stadiums
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Public Art

When you are considering the installation of a tensile fabric structure, Smart Roofs and Fabs provide you with the highest-quality tensile fabric structures at the most affordable prices. Please call us at +917200473105 or drop us a mail at sales@smartroofings.in for more details.

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